My Next Steps

Becoming a Better You

Now that you've had a chance to take a look at our website, come out and worship with us. God has a plan for your life. We recommend following these next steps to improve your life.

1.  Obey the Plan of Salvation

The Bible has a specific way for you to become a child of God.  Please watch this 19 minute video on how you can draw closer to God.  Please contact us if you want to respond to what you've learned.

 2.  Get involved in a 12-Week Bible Study.

In order to grow and become a mature Christian there are five basics things one needs to do.  
Part of your development  can come in two ministries our church offers.  The first ministry is the FREE home Bible study course.  This is a 12 week course that goes through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations.  This Bible study answers a lot of the common questions that we ask, as we study the Bible.  It's a excellent supplement to your Bible reading.

3.  Join a Small Group

Your Faith in God was not created to be a lonely one.  As Christians, we grow more mature and stronger when we get together with each other.  To help our members grow in faith and walk the walk as Christians, years ago, we incorporated Home Friendships group ministries (Small Groups) into our activities.  These small groups enable our worshippers to work together, grow together, and exercise their faith together. These groups are kept intentionally small to foster deep friendships, honesty, and trust. While each group is different, they are united in their goals.
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