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Home Bible Study in Greenville, NC

Your relationship with God is a unique and personal thing, and there are some things you must do on your own to deepen and further this relationship. We’re here to help. We offer a number of home Bible study courses to help you grow in faith and wisdom.

Bible Study Courses

Search for Truth

This 12-lesson Bible Study will take you on a journey from the beginning to the end – Genesis to Revelation. You’ll become better acquainted with the Bible in general, and you’ll start to develop an understanding of what the Scriptures truly mean.


This 10-lesson Bible Study is designed to help you prepare for the End Times. You’ll study the signs of the times and familiarize yourself with the process that will lead to the end of time. The lessons cover the Anti-Christ, life after death, and the rapture.

One-Lesson Bible Studies

Use these one-lesson Bible Studies to gain new insights and understanding in just 30-45 minutes. These lessons cover the Steps of Salvation. Based in the Scripture, these lessons provide an overview of topics like the New Testament Salvation plan.

Learn more about these lessons and how you can learn and grow. Call (252) 757-3033 today for more information.

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