Testimonials from Saints

The love of God is everywhere, if you know where to look for it. At Pentecostals of Greenville, we strive to show the love of God every day – and it’s working. See for yourself what God has helped us to do!

Crystal’s Testimonial

It all started when I found out I was pregnant at the age of 16. I was a teen mom trying to make things right by marrying my baby's father and starting a family. We were married for 5 1/2 years and had a son and newborn daughter. The more I wanted and tried to live for God, the less my husband tried and wanted to do so. We fought all the time! Finally one day, he left us. I was so angry... angry with him, with the woman he cheated on me with, and myself for not seeing it sooner. As time went on, my anger turned to bitterness and frustration. The littlest things made me mad...my job, my kids, friends and family who would call to see how I was... EVERYTHING! Once again I tried to fix things on my own. I started dating when I thought I was ready instead of praying about it and asking God to guide me. Before I knew it, I dropped out of Sunday school and the choir (which I loved doing) just so I could do what I wanted and not feel as guilty about it. I just knew I had the answers to my problems and my feelings. BOY WAS I WRONG! The next thing I know, I'm completely out of church, out of a boyfriend, and out of patience. I was so upset and frustrated and angry. I didn't want to talk to anyone about anything. It was no one’s business and how could they help me when they didn't know what I was feeling. The excuses came and they got bigger and bigger and easier and easier as time went on. BUT....

Thank God! He didn't give up on me when I gave up on Him. I didn't want to talk to anyone, especially people from church. So who called me every day to say, "We're praying for you. We love and miss you."? Who did I see everywhere I went? Church family and friends! GOD WAS EVERYWHERE!! I couldn't get away from Him no matter how hard I tried. I was mad at Him for causing my marriage to fail and for making me believe I could save it. I hated all my "church friends" who kept saying, "It's going to be ok, give it to God." And eventually, I hated myself! I began to think I wasn't good enough, not for my ex, not my church, not my children, and surely not this "AWESOME GOD who died for me." But my family and friends never gave up on me...and thankfully and faithfully, neither did MY GOD!

Today, God has restored my life and given over and abundantly than I ever could have imagined. I am happily married and have a beautiful step daughter to make our family of five. God has blessed us with a wonderful home in a neighborhood with friends and other children for our kids to play with. He has blessed us with a vehicle that is paid for and second one to make commute easier. I am back in church where my husband wants to come with me every service. Back in church where I help out in the nursery and back in the Sunday School classroom where I love to be. Most of all... back where I belong... in His presence and His arms. God is so wonderful and His grace and mercy endureth forever! You are never too far gone that He cannot find you or reach you. He is but a whisper... a tear... a bent knee... a repentant heart away. And whenever you feel that you are not worthy enough to ask His forgiveness or be in His midst... just remember... no one is...that's why it's called Grace and Mercy.
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